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Grant Management Experts (GME) stands at the intersection of traditional engineering and modern IT solutions.

We're not just an engineering company - we're go-to HUB for versatile engineering talents.

Our innovative approach blends expertise with adaptability, allowing us to provide tailored personnel solutions for projects of any duration, whether short, medium, or long-term.

With GME, discover engineering excellence, redefined.


We transform challenges into opportunities through unparalleled engineering and IT solutions. Our service spectrum is designed to cater to projects of all scopes and complexities, from the intricate networks of oil & gas engineering to the sustainable innovations in green energy and the cutting-edge advancements in IT and digital transformation. At GME expertise meets agility, ensuring that each project is not just completed but is a testament to precision, sustainability, and technological prowess.

Oil & Gas engineering services

In the dynamic world of Oil & Gas, GME offers unparalleled expertise. Our engineering hub model ensures our team integrates seamlessly with yours, bringing top-tier expertise directly to the table

Green energy engineering services

As pioneers in Green Energy, GME champions sustainable solutions, where experts collaborate to design and implement renewable energy projects that pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

IT and digitalization services

In the realm of IT and Digital Transformation, GME is your navigator through the digital era. Our hub connects you with IT experts.

EPC-M services

Backed by years of experience and a proven track record, our team of experts excels in providing EPC-M services, specializing in the renewable energy sector.

Our Approach

GME's approach is rooted in the concept of an engineering hub: a dedicated space where projects of all sizes and complexities come to life. We are a meeting point for professionals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing their expertise to craft solutions tailored to each project's unique requirements. By choosing GME, you're not just hiring a service; you're accessing a collaborative ecosystem designed to deliver excellence!

Let's Build the Future Together!

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Romania, Bucharest, 1st District
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